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Mission 22 Seminar

Every day in America we lose 22 veterans to suicide. Mission 22 is an effort to bring awareness to this statistic and support our soldiers.
On January 22nd to 24th we are going to have a weekend seminar to help spread the word about this sad statistic.
It is going to be an eight hour seminar with BJJ black belts from all over the US.
Kurt Osiander, Piet Wilhelm Bjj, Gina Franssen, Robert Defranco are few of those amazing black belts that going to share the mat with us.
A couple more big names are going to be posted soon.

There are memorials dedicated to the fallen heroes of nearly every major conflict in our country’s history, but not one for those who have fallen in the ‪war at home‬.
We’re trying to build a monument to honor them.

Donations are WELCOME!!

-Friday 6pm to 8pm

-Saturday 10am to 1pm
1pm to 2pm roll with BB

-Sunday 10am to 12pm
1pm to 2pm roll with BB

One day $60

Two or three days $85

Payments can be made on Catalog> Events> Mission 22 Florida Seminar

Location: American Top Team Vero Beach
6200 20th St. suite 210
Vero Beach, FL 32966